Allias is the new character of a 2015 American adult animal puppet film called Meet the Feebles 2.He was almost killed by sniffing up borax like Dennis in Meet the Feebles 3.


Allias is a sabre toothed cat (Smilodon fatalis) who is kind,nice,funny,clumsy.He was born in Montana,USA during the Pleistocene.He had stripes,a short tail, long teeth and a body built more like a mix of a bear and lion.

Trivia Edit

He took Barry's place after Barry was killed when his head got bit off by a spider in the first film. He had families like Manny, which is a mammoth who is also allias' big brother,filly Rainbow dash who is also Allias and Manny's little sister,his elderly great aunty Feline died of being stepped by a mastodon.

Friends Edit



Seymour (nephew)




Rainbow dash (sister)

Manny (brother)

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