The Masked Masochist

"Call me sir, slut!"

The Masked Masochist is a minor character in Meet the Feebles. He is a cockroach who is an actor in Trevor's porn, along with Madame Bovine.

Robert overheard Madame Bovine crying for help, and enters the theater's basement, only to find the Masked Masochist whipping her rear end. Robert came to the rescue by punching him in the face, but found out that was really a porn film directed by Trevor.

As Trevor tells Robert to get off the set, he dies after Madame Bovine unknowingly sits on his face and suffocates him (for she claimed that she thought it was her hemorrhoids). Trevor then takes the Masked Masochist's corpse, and feeds him to a giant fish-like monster that he keeps in the basement.